After the Storm

We are happy to announce PayPal has stopped withholding our payments. We are back to posting orders right away.

In an unexpected embrace of reason, PayPal has given up its practice of manually reviewing each payment made to Krymská Manufaktura.

Originally, PayPal staff had communicated that the only way to end the payment review delays was for us to change our name. They insisted that their state of the art security algorithm could not be changed for one small shop with a suspicious-sounding name. Our heroic efforts, withstanding hours of customer service queue jingles, finally paid off. Timely processing of transactions resumed. We are back to posting orders immediately.

We are hopeful PayPal has permanently overcome its fear that we might be funneling money to Crimean separatists.

This is a potent reminder to everybody that regardless of the size of the opposition or storm you may face, never give up. For we must always remember that it was David who defeated Goliath.

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