Against all odds, we are EET compliant already

It’s only March 1 and we are already done with EET! Who would have thought.

After the Storm

In an unexpected embrace of reason, PayPal has given up its practice of manually reviewing each payment made to Krymská Manufaktura.

Krymska suspected of Crimea-related trade sanctions violations.

Ahoj! Today we meant to post a fascinating story about the opening of carp hunting season in south Moravia. Instead, we are working through issues with Paypal suspecting us to be violating Crimea-related trade sanctions.

Carp Hunting Season Starts In the Czech Republic

Czech fisheries began their traditional annual harvest of cyprinus carpio this week in preparation for the spectacle of pre-christmas live carp sales across the country.

The Absence of Ocean

People in maritime nations face the horizon day in day out. The ocean brings ideas and influences. It connects a nation to the wider world. The shore enhances big visions and great deeds and promises great adventures to those who seek it. The Czechs have no sea.