Krymská Manufaktura Praha

We aim to make the highest quality Czech maritime fashion & supplies. We believe there’s a little sailor in everyone.

We are based in Prague, Czech Republic.

© Valentýn Břicháček – 1965/68

The Absence of Ocean

Valentýn, one charismatic pub acquaintance, held together by worn-out suspenders, had an insatiable passion for the ocean.

The idea of it. Its wild expansive nature, its promise of adventure, the secrets of distant shores. Most of what matters, he said, happens out there.

Many summers ago he had made it his life’s goal to equip those brave souls who venture out with the highest quality maritime gear. His bags, sails, canvas and ropes were without rival and for 35 years he held the exclusive rights to supply the Czech Navy.
Unfortunately, living in a landlocked country, business was slow.

Who’s Behind Krymská?

Cal, Chris & Dominik – Dominik is holding the camera.

What’s With the Name?

Krymská Manufaktura is named after Krysmká. We settled on Krymská after a long search for a word we can reasonably hope non-Czech speakers might be able to pronounce. The street, more of an alley really,  has emerged as a center of culture, entertainment, local patriotism. Recently Krymská has been mentioned in the Guardian & the New York Times”(Favorite Streets in Europe”). It is a pillar of Prague’s ‘Cafe Society’ and soon it will be a symbol of gentrification.