The Czech Sea / České moře

For his beloved wife and his nation Mira Čech is building a tunnel through the planet to bring ocean water to the Czech Republic.

Krymská on

Stay in bed all Sunday and check out Krymská Manufaktura's page on SIGNATURE store's brand new e-shop.

Krymská x Becherovka

we made specially designed t-shirts for Becherovka , they are shockingly brilliant, and you can win them this week on Becher Market. Hand screen printed, fair trade and made from one hundred percent organic cotton.
Model: Anna P. / Fresh Face

majoranka x Krymská Manufaktura

The Krymská Sailor Bag in the latest photo shoot for majoranka’s “majoranka v kufri” / “majoranka in the suitcase” collection, together with majoranka’s new travel dress, available from last week.

Krymská Sailor Bags chosen for Becher Market

Proud to announce that Becherovka have chosen to work with us as part of their Becher Market project. It is reassuring that the makers of the president's favorite beverage know talent when they see it.

The T-Shirts are Out!

Get one before everyone has one - the first Krymská Manufaktura T-Shirts are out!

How to Measure Your Head

Watch our animated video illustration and work out which hat fits.

Do you want to see Majda's poses? Let's make this film happen

Help us help get this Czech-Croatian student short film the polish and exposure it deserves.

Against all odds, we are EET compliant already

It's only March 1 and we are already done with EET! Who would have thought.

After the Storm

In an unexpected embrace of reason, PayPal has given up its practice of manually reviewing each payment made to Krymská Manufaktura.