Krymská Now Available at Artisème

We are excited to announce Krymská has found a new home in Prague. Appropriately, it’s in the 15th-century Grand Priory Palace, the embassy of the Knights of Malta. Our t-shirts, notebooks, sailor bags and hats are now available at Artisème, Prague’s newest, most beautiful and most thoughtfully curated design store.

The store is located just behind the John Lennon Wall. Access to the store is through a secret portal in the wall that magically appears every day between 10:00 and 22:30 or so.

Krymská Manufaktura products display on a large wooden table at Artisème

Find all our products at Artisème. Prices are the same as on our website.

The Forbidden Garden

The premises include the lavish palace garden behind the wall, complete with a summer bar, beach chairs and Bohemia’s largest magnolia tree. So for the first time in many years the garden is open to the public again. And it’s the perfect hideaway from the incessant crowds in Malá Strana.

In the garden, Artisème hosts parties, events, yoga classes and an outdoor cinema as long as the weather lasts. See Artisème’s Facebook for more info.

Artisème in the Grand Priory Palace and the Forbidden Garden Behind the John Lennon Wall

Artisème and the Forbidden Garden Behind the John Lennon Wall

The Wall is not Over

The John Lennon Wall is Prague’s number one selfie spot, a major tourist attraction and a monument to the resistance against Communism. When Lennon was killed in 1980, students put up a memorial here–along with authority-defying graffiti. Police removed it several times but students kept putting it back up and eventually prevailed. Ever since, it’s been a free-for-all graffiti wall.


Velkopřevorské náměstí (Grand Priory Square), Malá Strana, Prague 1
Entrance through the Lennon Wall
Open daily 10:00-19:00 (Bar stays open later)

Prices for Krymská Manufaktura products are the same as online.
Credit cards are accepted.

Krymská T-shirt on hanger and shoppers at ArtisèmeKrymská Notebook with Palm Tree motifKrymská Sailor Bag on display at Artisème

Irada and Shirin Rahmanova, Marek Vaculcik

The Artisème Team