We are now at Place Store on Krymská

We are back on Krymská. Krymská Manufaktura sailor bags, hats, notebooks, t-shirts and our brand new beanies are now available at Place Store Praha (Krymská 138/36). Best of all, there are also Places stores in Brno, Uherské Hradiště, Tábor, Zlín and Bratislava — so surely it can only be a matter of time..

Place Store is at the bottom of Krymská, closer to Ruská tram stop than Krymská tram stop. It’s open Monday through Friday, 12:00–20:00. Prices are the same as on our website.

Krymská Manufaktura Notebook at Place Store Praha

Krymská Shelf with Sailor Bags and Notebooks

Krymská Sailor Bag with Logo detailPlace Store Logo above cash desk